Chris Gill broke the World Record of more rod of Afridi

Chris Gill broke the World Record of more rod of Afridi

West Indies, Chris Gil broke the World Record of the national team’s former captain Shahid Afridi.

Chris Gayle, who was announcing to welcome the one-day cricket after the World Cup 2019, returned to England in the first Test against England in the first one-day match.

Chris Gill received 12 sixs in 135 for the innings, he has yet topped 477 sixes and he has done this in the 444th match.

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Prior to this, Shahid Afridi made this record by putting 476 sixs in international cricket
Boom Boom Afridi played 524 matches for the highest batsmen.

Chris Gill has set 276 in One Day cricket, 103 in T T20 and 98 runs in Test matches.

The third position in this list is New Zealand’s former captain Brendan McLum, whose total number of knives is 398.

Former Sri Lankan captain, Sanjay Surya 352, with the fourth and Indian opener Rohit Sharma 349 are fifth in the sixth.

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