China’s millions of Merit Hotels’ data stolen: America blamed

China's millions of Merit Hotels' data stolen America blamed

US State Secretary Mike Pompio has revealed China’s involvement in hacking data for Merit International Hotels. According to the AFP, US Secretary of State State Mike Pompio confirmed in the Fox News program ‘Fox and Friends’ that the government believes that China is involved in theft of consumer data in Merit. They told in the news program at Fox News, “China has cyber attacks worldwide.” Data of 500 million users of Merit Hotels is stolen

Mike Pompev said, “We consider China to be strategic, they are taking steps in the South China Sea, they are also operating in spy operations in the US.” The US has accused China’s hacking of Merit Hotels hacking in terms of growing tensions due to trade, technology and spying between Washington and Beijing. Last week, Canada had arrested China’s telecom company, Ohio Chief Financial Executive, Ming Wenzhou on the request of the US. Meng Wenzhou accused of imposing sanctions on Iran and allegations of betrayal with the US. However, China then arrested former Canadian ambassador Michael Kürg in China, who works for the International Crisis Group.

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Additionally, the US has chances of new charges on Chinese military and intelligence hackers. Last week, the United States has also imposed a $ 28 million penalty for violating US sanctions on the Chinese company Anthony Jerry Oil Field Group. 50 million users’ data hackers who stole data from the world’s largest hotel company Marriott 50 rockets, are being linked to China’s State for State Security. Merit has revealed on November 30 that there was unauthorized access to the Starwood Network, which had the personal and financial information of the user from 2014. Clearly, starred hotels include Sherrison, Westston, Four Points and W. Hotel. Merit’s administration said he had warned on September 8 that his reservation data in the US is concerned about hacking data. Last week, Marriott warned about theft of consuming email data by users. More than 60% of the affected users’ stolen data include passport information, address, travel and credit card details.

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