China ready to send its expedition mission backward to the moon

China ready to send its expedition mission backward to the moon

Beijing (Monitoring Desk) China is ready to send its space mission to a secret oriented 4-moon moon after which China will be ahead of other missionaries in the US, Russia and the European Union. According to the News Agency’s report, China is hoping to introduce the world with its 4 Channel mission secretly, where there has not been any country in the world yet, and the information about this is not even known in the past. Is different from the direction. China is scheduled for March, according to its intent

Successful to send rocket, he will also make his position in space mission, which will be an important place in scientific research regarding the planets. Remember that China had brought its Utah or ‘Jade Rabbit’ to the moon 5 years ago and is preparing to send Channel 5 next year, while it will be taken from the moon after the first time of 1976, while the Zamri mission also considered Is. After China’s 4-day fast visit, China will also reach information on both sides of the Sun. Space industry expert Leonard David has written in that the mission will be useful for radio stationary study as it has always been away from the ground and has been free of interference with radiation waves.

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And evolution. According to Chinese tradition, moon is Goddess. Remember that China sent its first mission mission in 2003, after which it became the third country after Russia and the United States, which has successfully closed its mission in space. China also installed space stations in the Mediterranean, which is still working for over 60 tons of stations, which will be online by 2022, while plans to introduce Mars in the mid 2020s. China’s space program has been benefiting from the help of Russia and European countries, while American law enforcement had separated 420 tons of international spashes, but earlier the program was hit.

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