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Reddit data stolen. User Guide to Changing Password

Reddit has told its customers that hackers have stolen some information by accessing their database. Hackers have stolen the database of 2007, this database includes users’ email addresses and passwords. Reddit has directed victims to change passwords by sending an email to…Read More »

Users from the Facebook Search feature can search only pictures of female friends instead of men

Belgian Security Research has recently discovered a strange feature of Facebook search function. Facebook’s Search feature allows users to search pictures of their female friends but men show pictures of other men except friends, but they can not find the pictures of…Read More »

$ 450 billion lost in 3 months

Apple had a lot of expectations from its new iPhone phones, but the XSS, XS Max and XR have been a daunting dream for this company. In October last year, the company was the richest company in the world, whose share was…Read More »