Bye Bye Dr. John – Grammy winner at the age of 77 years

Bye Bye Dr. John - Grammy winner at the age of 77 years

He played in strip clubs, rest areas and chicken coops, privately he was enthusiastic for voodoo and occult mysticism. Now US singer and pianist dr. John died of a heart attack.
Mourning for musician and Grammy winner dr. John (“Right Place, Wrong Time”): The US artist died early Thursday morning at the age of 77, the cause of his death was a heart attack, the family said on the official Twitter account.

The singer, who also made it into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, was known for his mix of various styles of music such as blues, pop, jazz or rock. During his career he won a total of six Grammys. His family emphasized in his statement his deep attachment to the city of New Orleans. Details of the funeral Dr. Johns, whose real name was Malcolm John Rebennack, would be announced soon.

Dr. John has always varied between a mix of different musical styles, including R’n’B, blues and rock. He was also fascinated by voodoo and occult mysticism. His debut “Gris-Gris” combined R’n’B with psychedelic rock, terrifying the listeners with sinister hints of extraterrestrial magic. His song “Right Place, Wrong Time” made it into the top ten in the charts.

Played with Scorsese and the Stones
As a teenager, dr. John guitar and keyboard in a number of bands and made the legendary studio Cosimo Matassa to his second home. After leaving high school, he devoted himself exclusively to music, but also came into contact with drugs and petty crime. As a young man, he was also in prison. In an incident with a gun in 1961 in Jacksonville, Florida, he lost his left ring finger.

His artistic life was rapid. Vinegar played in strip clubs, auditoriums, rest areas and chicken coops. He starred in The Scarceful Dead with his band The Grateful Dead, starring on Rolling Stones’s Exile on Main Street and working with many other artists, including Earl King, Van Morrison, and James Booker.

Since late 2017, he has not been seen frequently in public. At that time he made a few appearances. His spokeswoman Karen Beninato said in an interview last year that he is resting in his home in New Orleans. The family thanked everyone “who accompanied his unique musical journey”.

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