Bushwick Bill, a member of the legendary Houston assemblage the Geto Boys, died Sunday night (June 9) once a battle with carcinoma. His communicator confirmed his passing to Rolling Stone. He was 52.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, Bushwick Bill was introduced into the Geto Boys in 1986 as a dancer named very little Billy, eventually transitioning to dropping rhymes on the group’s debut album, creating bother, in 1988. The cluster — consisting of him, Scarface, and Willie D — would grow to become genre stalwarts because of their pioneering efforts in horrorcore rap. Their third studio album, we won’t Be Stopped, would go Pt in 1992. Over the course of seven of the group’s eight albums, Bushwick Bill’s voice are often detected punching in swish and spicy flows.
He conjointly found infamy showing on the quilt of the group’s we won’t Be Stopped album in 1991 during a hospital robe once suffering a shooting wound to the attention. He mentioned the incident on his song “Ever thus Clear,” rapping, “And i am glad that i am here, gee / however it’s fucked up I had to lose an eye fixed to envision shit clearly.”

Away from Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill was equally as tenacious. He born his debut solo studio record, very little huge Man, in 1992, that peaked at No. fifteen on the hoarding Hot two hundred. He discharged six solo albums as well; his last studio record was 2010’s My Testimony of Redemption. He was presently coming up with on heading out on a solo trek referred to as the “Phuck Cancer” tour before his death.

Members of the hip-hop community, as well as old icons Juicy J and staff of life B, have step to the fore to pay their respects.

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