Britain’s next prime minister’s son of the Pakistani bus driver?

Britain's next prime minister's son of the Pakistani bus driver

Britain’s next prime minister’s son of the Pakistani bus driver? Everyone’s views were taken on parliament.  The decision to postpone parliamentary opinion on the brotherhood as a political reputation for the British Prime Minister Thessalonie, has left many Conservative Party members in place to replace them. The names of candidates of the Prime Minister on the media are circulating on the media. . Includes Pakistani-born Sajid Javed. The Pakistani bus driver’s 49-year-old son, Sajjad Javed Mirat, is a multi-cultural modern British face. His parents moved to the UK in the 1960s, his family settled in Bristol, University

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He has mastered the Economics and Politics from the Officers. The favorite personality of the Church is former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose portrait is still on the wall of his room. Sajid worked as a banker in New York, London and Singapore, according to him as director of Doshi Bank, when he left the job, his annual income was £ 30 million. After the Parliament was elected, the junior finance minister was set up in David Cameron’s cabinet, he continued to work as Secretary Culture and Trade. Prime Minister Thessamayay appointed him as the Secretary of Local Government, Communities and Housing. Saeed voted for the EU in 2016, but was subsequently supported by Mrs. Chris. After the appointment of the Interior Minister in April, he earned a fairly good name due to the Wind Rush scandal dealing with cabbage trains. His wife Lara is British, there are four children. After getting married to non-Muslim, they received hateful emails, they say they do not follow any religion.

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