Blindness of men should blindly put them on: Actor Sara Khan..

Actor Sara Khan is the most popular in India, Anita, people know him in Pakistan too. Asha Khan started a television career with Star Plus’s ‘Spanna Babylon, Badi’. The actor also played on singing My career is turning on. The first song of ‘Khan Hart’, ‘Black Heart’, came in front of him, he performed himself in this song, while his bold style was encountering reaction to social media. Actresses in this song appear in coffee pudding costumes, while in one breasts a part of the actor’s body is almost visible without clothing. Sarah is also facing serious criticism on the kind of aide on Aadiyaa.

In addition to launching the song online, recently, a ceremony was held for launching, including Sara’s close friends Rachhi Sainat was also present in his friends who were in news due to many controversial statements. During the past, Rehhi Sawant questioned Sarah Khan on his half-nights style at the people’s house while Sarah Controversial statement.

Azakara said, ‘Why do not boys say they should be blind-eyed?’ Sarah added, ‘Only my The only complaint is that those who raise fingers on women, I want to tell them that they should be ashamed of their eyes why they are seeing it all? Such people should be curtained, why should we? ‘He added that’ women should be the highest, because we have created men, or where they come from this world ‘.

Sarah Khan jokingly with Rachhi Sawant, said to him that putting the curtain on the eyes of men should blindly blind them. Keeping in mind Sarah Khan has not only worked in India but also many projects in Pakistan. Sara Pakistani plays ‘Unkhodi’ and ‘But’. In addition to this, she has also worked on make-up videos with Pakistani Make-up Arts Kashif Aslam (Kashiz).

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