Bilawal’s speech criticizes the Prime Minister’s little pin

Bilawal's speech criticizes the Prime Minister's little pin

PPP leader Kairam Shrestha said that the prime minister Imran Khan criticized the speech on English speech in Bilawal Bhutto National Assembly.

According to details, Khursheed Shah, senior leader of PPP in the Sukkur, spoke to the media, saying that the government calls on politicians on one hand, on the other hand criticizes their leader.

He said that despite Imran’s contradictory attitude, he did not utter a word in the Parliament and it is the second standard that gives one another gives the other mistakes.

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PPP leader Khursheed Shah criticized the prime minister Imran Khan and said that he has not come to national politics and he did not come back because he did not come to parliament.

Khursheed Shah said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was not able to understand the tactical strategy, but the decisions he made in the cabinet do whatever he wants to please. We have always tried to create a political consensus.

Srinairamarma, who was in India referring to India, said that due to Indian defeat, there is no ideology on politicians, because there are 2 ideologies in India, Modi wants war and other peace.

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