Ben Roethlisberger’s aggravated answer to Antonio Brown question was good

Ben Roethlisberger's aggravated answer to Antonio Brown question was good

We’re all at a small amount of Antonio Brown overload at now.

The former city Steeler — and may we tend to decision him a former city Raider if he ne’er compete a game for them? — has dominated the news for weeks. He’s either a pettish operatic star or a mastermind World Health Organization musical group a never-before-seen string of drama to land on the geographical region Patriots, relying what you think.

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Don’t worry, mountain Roethlisberger is sick it too.

Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t wish to speak concerning Antonio Brown
Roethlisberger was all people once he was asked concerning Brown landing on the Patriots once the Steelers’ 33-3 loss on Sunday night.
Though, we all know it’s not simply “whatever,” as mountain aforesaid. It very may be a massive deal. If Brown will simply play soccer (and this can be faraway from a quality in the end we’ve seen this summer), the Patriots could be unbeatable.

Still, that Roethsliberger clip ought to add up everyone’s feelings pretty much. You can’t blame him once Brown has taken shots at Roethlisberger through the offseason.

‘Please don’t ever inquire from me concerning him again’
Roethlisberger wasn’t the sole one asked concerning Brown, World Health Organization is that the biggest story within the NFL without delay. Bill Belichick refused to answer any Brown queries, as a result of the dealing couldn’t be official till weekday.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster was a lot of windy than Roethlisberger however had an equivalent approach.

“Please don’t ever inquire from me concerning him once more,” Foster aforesaid, consistent with the city Post-Gazette. “I raise that with all respect.”

Foster may not field any longer queries on Brown, however Brown’s reaching to still dominate the headlines. Attention may be a boomin’ as Brown would say.

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