Are Swelling Healthier than Sugar?

Are Swelling Healthier than Sugar

Germany (monitoring desk) artificial sweetness or sweetener can not be more healthy or beneficial than anyhow sugar can be harmful to you. It came in a medical study in Germany. It is believed that the use of artificial sweets became very popular in recent times. And people think it is possible to avoid obesity and diabetes. But according to researchers, there was no evidence that the sweetener can be considered healthy than Chinese. Past 56 medical research reports during the research of Fergurge University

It is analyzed to know how to use artificial sweetness or eating sugar, what impact on people’s weight, blood sugar, or health. The results showed that artificial sweetness does not have significant effects on weight, blood sugar, and other than sugar. The researchers discovered that compared to the preference of artificial sweetness, the weight of the people preferably decreases, but the blood sugar level also has very little impact, but the evidence is weakened.

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He said there was no evidence of medical benefits being used by sweater. Other medical experts said that the results were not surprising because it was already known that artificial sweetness is not a magic tablet that can prevent obesity. The team involved in this research said that more long-term research is needed. The results of this research were published in the Medical Journal of the British Medical Journal.

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