Another Facebook scandal came in front of

Another Facebook scandal came in front of

The United States (Monitoring Desk) proved to be full of 2018 scandals for Facebook and also got another blow near the end. One blog post from Facebook has once again acknowledged the impact of millions of users’ impressions, which caused a bug presence in the photo software. Due to this bug, due to this bug, more than two thousand and more third-party apps have access to the pictures that people upload on Facebook, but did not make them public, while Facebook stores and

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Photos published in the marketplace also reached the developers of these apps. According to Facebook, this photo has got access to such apps even if anyone uploads but shares no. It was reported in the Facebook statement that ‘For example, someone uploaded photos to Facebook, but did not post it, whatever happened now, but a copy of this photo stores us.’ This bug resulted in a loss of 68 million people who had allowed access to photos API for those thousands of apps. This bug was lasting 12 days in September this year.

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The statement said that we apologize on this situation, next week, we are releasing our tools for app developers who will help determine who was affected by this bug. Facebook was seriously criticized on Cambridge Antalya scandal this year, which has accessed the app to millions of data and used it for American elections. Facebook says the user who has been affected by new bug will be alerted by the company.

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