Animeam ul Haq: ‘Players play no more anywhere in the game’

Animeam ul Haq: 'Players play no more anywhere in the game'

Animeam ul Haq: ‘Players play no more anywhere in the game’

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s National Selection Committee, Chairman Animam ul Haq says that the World Cup team is in their mind but they are afraid that the players do not fit them because of playing too much cricket.

Remember that the Pakistani cricket team has played a one-day series against Australia and England before the World Cup while the World Cup will start from May 3rd in England.

Animeam ul Haq said in a BBC Urdu interview that which players will play in the World Cup have been in their mind for a long time because they are seeing all the players playing for a long time and giving them opportunities. . According to him, there are 18 to 20 players’ pools working.

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Pakistan cricketers are playing so much cricket that they think they do not fit on the same occasion.

He says he does not want to see his cricketers fit. They want Pakistan cricketers to go physically and mentally to the World Cup.

It is believed that the Pakistani cricket team went to South Africa after playing the series in the UAE against the Asia Cup, Australia and New Zealand and now the players are busy in PSL and there are more than two major series.

Anilam ul Haq says that yet only a big engineer came in front of Mohammad Hafeez. Other players do not face any major fitness issue. ‘

However, he said that if a player’s form is not good then it is also the reason that he is not getting rest due to playing continuous cricket.

The team has not won the series in South Africa’s tour, says Anilam ul Haq. The team got the opportunity to win but could not be avoided, but some aspects remained positive in the tour.

According to him, new players got a lot of experience and the team performance improved as they traveled.

In view of integration, some players will be restored under a racing policy in the One-Day series against Australia.

He said that the reason for not adopting the policy of routing in South Africa played in One-day and T-Tenth series was that they wanted to train their young players in front of a tough team in their toughest conditions and provide them with experience.

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