Animated movie The ultimate mate surveyor won the World Honor

The Animated movie The ultimate mate surveyor has won the World Honor

KARACHI (NNA), Saba Khaled’s Kashshi, Ultimate Matt Surveyor, was nominated in the AIP Empowerment Futatty category, which won the Global Systems of Film Awards in the British Academy of Film Awards. Pakistani animated film has been created under the aim of informing women, whose main role is to solve the problems of sexual and reproductive health related issues, prohibited issues and conflicts in developing countries. Saba Khalid says in his interview That ‘our team is very passionate, this is a proof

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Our approach has got local and global support. He said, “We will keep health, safety-related ideas through artificial intelligence and animation.” To bring a global-based revolution in business and society. And for the first time this honor has been given to the business that is intended to improve the organizational social and environmental through the power of the IT.

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There is a film competition for the VEE Global Systems Award awards and companies which It is for their identification that reflects the problem. Maqabley started on May 11 and on November 26 N ends with the British Academy of Film Awards’ event. The clergy included in the Caribbean were based on UN development goals, including poverty and hunger endurance, ensuring good health, better education and gender equality, affordable and clean Including goals for energy, responsible for environmental efficiency and production.