Angelina Jolie prepares to marry the fourth and BroadPat

Angelina Jolie prepares to marry the fourth and BroadPat

Angela has already married three married women, Justin Thieves’s second marriage will be Broadcast Broadcast is now being seen with her first wife Jennifer Onton.

London (UrduPoint Newspaper, November 16, 2018) Bolivia of Bolivia Angelina Jolie and Action Hero Broad Pit were also called Brenzelina, because both of her love and chemist industry was very popular. We both were in each other in 2016. Although it was not the first marriage of both of them, however, their relations were still good. After the divorce of divorce, there were different news about the two.
In January this year in relation to Angelina Jolie, news was reported that she is setting up relationships with a singer of Cambodia, and she is about to marry her soon, but after that another news came in front of them. The news came out that 42-year-old Angelina Jolie, not a Cambodian musician, but a UK-based billionaire person intends to siege.

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However, now there is a surprise news about him and the information is that he is hoping to marry former ex-husband Broadfit’s former wife Jennifer Onton’s ex-husband actress Justin Thorrows. The more interesting thing is that Broadcast Now After Angelina Jolie’s divorce was seen with other actors, she is now being seen with her first wife Jennifer Onton.

Newsletters ‘Buchs’ reported in his report that news about Angela Jolie and Justin Thoroura’s relationship are in circulation. According to various reports in the port, Dityiyev was told that although both did not confirm the relationship, both of them were last few months Many are being viewed together and both are secretly continuing meetings.

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The report said that both of them have also prepared a wedding plan, but when their marriage will be done, no information is available. On the other hand, the news agency ‘Akon Times’ said not only Angelina Jolie and Justin There is news about the relationship between Thio Rox, but also there are reports that Justin Thyouks are also trying to get closer to his ex-wife Jennifer Justton’s colleagues. Referring to the reports of other news agencies in the report, Between the last few months, Angela Jolie and Justin Thieves Rox have relationships.