America’s worst shock in Afghanistan, bomb blast

America's worst shock in Afghanistan, bomb blast

KABUL (NADESH) – The foreign forces in Afghanistan have said that a bomb blast near Ghazni city killed three US soldiers and has been blown up in a bomb blast in Ghazni province, a statement said in a statement. An American contractor was also injured .After all, the emergency was enforced and the injured were taken out of the blast for treatment .They were told that the names of those who were killed were not shown before their families were reported. Meanwhile, foreign troops in another place

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“The US military killed in a November 19 bombing was killed by an Afghan soldier’s gunfire. This happened during an operation against Al-Qaeda in Nazarroz province. According to the military commander General Scott Miller, it has proved that the US was not intentionally firing but firing was accidentally. Remember that at present there are approximately sixteen thousand US troops in the United States and about five thousand soldiers in the United States.

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