Alex Rodriguez born a awfully weird, incorrect theory on ‘Sunday Night Baseball’

Alex Rodriguez born a awfully weird, incorrect theory on 'Sunday Night Baseball'

Alex Rodriguez shared a outre theory throughout ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” coverage of the ny Mets’ game at the city Phillies on Sunday — and it left sports fans scratching their heads.

In the bottom of the seventh frame, Rodriguez recommended that the Phillies ought to drop a sacrifice bunt so that they might advance a runner to 3rd base. Eventually, he said, it might offer them a two-run lead.

Why will that matter?

According to A-Rod — a 14-time All-Star Associate in Nursingd three-team most valuable player United Nations agency contend twenty two seasons within the league — a good lead is often higher than an odd lead.

“You invariably wish even leads versus odd leads. Why? The solo home run doesn’t tie it, and also the sweep doesn’t beat you,” Rodriguez aforesaid throughout the sport. “Keep it straightforward.”
Sure, a two-run lead is best than a one-run lead — which might work into Rodriguez’s logic. however isn’t a three-run lead higher than a two-run lead? A five-run lead higher than a four-run lead? A seven-run lead higher than a six-run lead?

It’s most likely safe to assume that each team within the league would take a bigger lead any day — despite whether or not that lead was even or odd.

Better luck next week, A-Rod.

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