Afzal Kohistani, the main character of the Kohistan video scandal, was killed

Afzal Kohistani, the main character of the Kohistan video scandal, was killed

Afzal Kohistani, the main character of the Kohistan video scandal, was killed

Abbottabad: Afzal Kohistani, who brought Kohistan video scandal to the scene, was killed and killed.

According to police, unidentified people opened fire on the Kohistan video scandal of Kohistan video scandal, killing three passengers from the firing, which were also injured for immediate medical aid at the District Hospital near Abbasiabad, Abbottabad. Moved to DHQ hospital

In this regard the police have claimed that a person named Faiz-ur-Rehman has been arrested along with device killings, which has recovered a pistols and accused of execution of Aftul Afzal Kohistani.

On the other hand, the accused Faiz-ur-Rahman said in his statement that he used to be together as Muttul Afzal’s companion and defender and after firing on Afzal, he fired for rescue but police arrested him during that time.

Police said last night after Postmaster, Afzal Kohistani’s body was handed over to heritage while further investigation was underway.

Heritage episode protest

According to the aforementioned Afzal Kohistani body, the body refused to go to the hospital and protested in front of the Police Station Kent.

“We were saying Afzal from 2012,” said Naseer, brother of the deceased. The government did not do anything, Afzal’s case was on a major turn. He was assassinated from the plan.

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Appreciating the police, he said, “How can my brother be killed near the police station?” SHO Canteen Abdul Ghafoor has been opposed to the opposition, the opposition had already killed three brothers.

He demanded the release of the accused Faiz-ur-Rahman, saying that he is a witness of the killing of brother, the protest will continue till the valid FIR is lodged.

Kohistan Video Scandal Background

Afzal Kohistani Kohistan Union Council was a lord who was in the form of a positive role for the tribal women of Jakadi Kohistan in the tradition of May 2012.

A 2012 scene in Kohistan came to normal in 2012, in which four girls were looting at a wedding ceremony and two boys were traditionally dancing.

After the video scene came to normal, Afzal Kohistani claimed that the girls looking at the video and his younger assistant Shaheen was slaughtered and slaughtered after bringing the video scandal scene to two Afzal brothers His native area was killed.

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