By | October 29, 2019

After geographic region, girls on Wheels, a programme focussed on breakdown women’s quality woes is ready to launch in metropolis. Associate in Nursing inaugural ceremony are going to be remained November twenty five, 2019, the primary day of International sixteen Days of policy against Gender-Based Violence.

In 2016, the geographic region government’s Strategic Reforms Unit launched the initiative with simply forty girls and by the tip of the campaign had managed to coach over five,000 girls in 5 districts of geographic region. Last year, over 700 girls were additionally given supported motorbikes beneath this initiative.

Salman Sufi, WHO introduced the geographic region Protection of ladies Against Violence Act 2016 and South Asia’s 1st Violence Against girls Centre, says he’s launching the metropolis programme for WOW in an exceedingly personal capability.

Sufi says Pakistani girls and ladies area unit habitually annoyed and abused publicly areas and now not feel safe after they have the maximum amount of a right to be in these areas as men.

“This programme is way too vital to be left to likelihood that sometime a government can choose it up, thence i’m in person funding and re-launching it with the assistance of civil society,” says Sufi.

“I am in initial talks with the Sindh government for his or her support and hope they’ll formally endorse the programme and its replication throughout Sindh,” he says, adding that he has the support of an area motorbike manufacturer as a part of their CSR activities for the coaching.

The WOW program aims to empower girls with freelance means that of quality so that they will live their lives while not seeking facilitate.

At present, the majority of Pakistan’s feminine population heavily depends on either a male friend or a poor conveyance infrastructure to induce from one place to a different. this could not be the case, says Sufi.

He says motorbikes area unit heaps additional economical than cars, and it makes good sense to arm girls with these 2 wheelers as a begin.

The WOW metropolis programme can embrace motorcycle trainings in conjunction with road safety workshops, Sufi says, adding that {it can|it’ll} prepare girls for driver’s license testing post coaching and additionally will facilitate them apply for jobs once they’re severally mobile.

There will be no fee for the trainings, Sufi says, adding that “women shouldn’t be hampered by the actual fact that they can not pay”.

Women will contact the WOW campaign to register. the data needed to register for the programme area unit the participant’s name, CNIC #, a contact range, Associate in Nursingd an address.

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