After 17 years of Nadia Khan’s return to the hosting sector

After 17 years of Nadia Khan's return to the hosting sector

Nadia Khan initially received popularity from various plays such as Onscreen Hans Butt and Holly Personality, as a marking show host, has become known as a marking show host. So 17 years later, 2017 I returned to TV shows, but once again I have gone to my area or hostage. This time, Nadia Khan is hosting a game show in the game show for millions of entertainment. He told about this show ‘Games

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Instead of playing, we ask the participants to answer their questions so that they can show their information, the aim is to encourage people to study and endeavor, to show the audition for the show audition through the content and content available on the site. It is apparently known as the famous Kishore leaf of Ideia India, but Nadia Khan said that his show is not like BBC, but instead of a cash prize we offer various rewards, while the questions too Along with international news and conditions, they are connected with attendance. Smartphones, laptops in these shows include inventions And domestic products such as washing machines, diamonds and gold ornaments as well as a Mercedes and Bangla. This show began with a slabber Rama this week this week, while in some episodes common people also had the opportunity to fate will get.

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