Acquisition of beauty from natural sources

Acquisition of beauty from natural sources

Everyone wants charming look and thousands of rupees are also spent for it, but natural ingredients are not only easy but also safe.
Grind a lime and grind a tea spoon with glycerine and a spoon roast, prepare cream. Put it on the broken bars before bedtime and dumble it in the morning. The broken sticks will be fine.

In a lime juice to make the skin clean, a dyeing spoon and two teaspoon of spoon mixture make a mask. Wash this mask on the face and wash it after ten minutes.
Mix a tea spoon in a lime juice and make a mask and apply on the sunshine marks of summer. In a few days the sunlight will be destroyed.

Grind the lime peas and mix it with almond oil or petroleum jelly and apply it around the eyes and massage for a few minutes. After that, fry the clothes of mulberry robe and clean it. The fingers around the eyes will end.
To eliminate the fat of the face in the summer, mix a lime juice in a few basins and make mask and make it fifteen minutes before make-up.

Wash the face with roasted roses and make it up. Make-up in this way make-up for a long time.
Massage with any cold cream for the nose of black nail, and then clear it. Now the lemon juice is rubbed on the nose slowly, the nails will be softened, and press them.
To clean the face of the lime, lime, coconut juice and honey we get weighing in the morning and evening.

Rub the fixed turmeric with water on the rocking stone and apply it to the stains three times a day. In this process the faces of the face will disappear completely.
Grind the lime peas and mix it in the milk and put it on the face by night. Wake up the face in the morning. It removes the face of the face.

Wash the face and after twenty minutes face the face with semi-hot water. This process is perfect for smooth and smooth skin.
To find the woken face, apply the dried paperboard on the face and wash the face after a while.
If you have a skin, then mix honey in the egg whit when mixing honey in dry skin with dry skin.

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