Aamir Khan’s film from which I am sorry to work

From where all the good biopsic films are being made on the life of Bhar Rushesh Sharma, first Indian space story story is written by Rai Rajabali.

Mumbai (Urdu Newspaperzada, November 27, 2018) A prominent actor named Mr. Pervez Musharraf in Bollywood, due to the involvement of the film, all the people who are sorry to work well, after which this project is now available by Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. According to a media report, Amir Khan told an event that he was a great project and was suffering from not doing it.
Aamir Khan is currently engaged in the project ‘Mahabharat’, due to which he has forgiven the good of the movie. According to Khan Khan, I liked the script of the film so that I Calling Shahrukh Khan and said that he must read the script once, he liked the story of the movie and I am very happy that he also agreed to do it.

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From all, there is a good biographical film that is being made on the life of Bhar Rat Rush Sharma, the first Indian astronomer, whose story is written by Rajabali. The film will be presented in the next year to showcase. In the past, Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Mega Budget film ‘Thak of India’ was released, which made the record of the first day of revenues on the release of the box office, but the film failed to hit any major film. The failure of the Mega Budget movie Thatta of India But Aamir Khan has demanded forgiveness from the film benches.

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