A minor mistake on the occasion of Tas

A minor mistake on the occasion of Tas

A minor mistake on the occasion of Tas, which became a hug of Kohli, will have a storm on social media

Sydney (NNI) captain Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, played 64 runs in an innings against Australia Australia, but on the slightest mistake during the same match, he was again criticized by social media. Before the Test series against the Test series, in a single practice match, when Kohli came to Tony Sydney Cricket Ground, he tied against the traditional traditions of the match, while on the other hand, Cricket Australia XI captain Sam White Man got his full cut Wearing to wear, towers

The process did not get much emphasis on social media and some people took it to the captain, assuming it was a genre of giant man game. An Indian Twitter user wrote that Kohli’s behavior showed that the game and its reputation Do not respect where Sanel Gaoskar, who did not wear the right cap in the Asia Cup, was proud of the Pakistani cricketer, Prakash Zaman. Another user wrote that there was a time that the captains used to wear Blazer at the time of Tas.

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There was no excuse, but on the other hand there were some fans who said that Kohli’s action was not so bad because India F is playing a practice match. The tournament team lost the toss and Cricket Australia XI had invited him to bat first, where the Indian team made 358 runs and returned to Pelil. Openner opener Prithvi Prashvi scored 66 runs. The most successful batsmen, while Ajaxi Rahul, captain Virat Kohli and Chittiswar Pajara scored half the hundreds. The Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli came to the toilet by wearing shorts, but he did not make fun of him but he was beaten.

The cricket captain is famous for Virat Kohli that he can not stay away from a lot of criticism. Virat Kohli, who came to the tour for warm-up matches, was hit by the Indian captain Virat Kohli on the social media website. The Cricket Board (BCCI) shared the picture of Kohli on Twitter Wearing shorts, after which fans showed the movement uncertain to the general main game. Some consumers reminded them that How could Sunil Gavoskar object to Pakistani opener Prakash Zaman when Shia Cup did not fit in the Shia Cup? A user said that you are a great player, we respect you but it does not mean you forget the morality. Tas shorts are usually not acceptable during the warm-up match.

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