7 features introduced early in the Wats app

7 features introduced early in the Wats app

The Wats app is the world’s most popular messaging application, which has many new features every year. Looks like the 2019 is going to start with a few new features, which are currently testing at beta versions. Picnic, dark mode, and many other features, which are not available in the watts app. By the way, you can first get new features signed up on Watson Beta, but it’s bug and app crash. However, 2019

It may be features introduced in the Wats app. Continuous Voice Messaging Play Yes Yes, it’s possible that Wats app will facilitate your Voice Messaging to play continuously in a row, this process will be automatic. It appeared in the IOS App’s beta version, but will also introduce Android users. Dark mode is currently available in different apps and this is also working on the Wats app to protect eyes from the adverse effects of blue light of the eyes on the night. According to WABetaInfo site, features the skin introduced feature of the Wats app, the Dark Mode is passing through the process of preparation and yes, this feature will also improve the battery life, Facebook will also feature this feature in Facebook Messenger soon. Introducing.

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Picture in Picture This is a feature whose users are waiting for intensely because it will have the chance to send and watch YouTube or Facebook videos within the Messaging thread, which is currently in the form of a link, This feature will display the video box without leaving the video box, at this time this feature is available in the beta program. Group call shortcuts If you call a group then you first have to start talking with a friend after which others can be admitted to it, but now it’s changing because the Wats app is a shortcut button. Adding a call that will be possible to call a group, and by selecting your friends you can call them at once, this will save time saving features. Preview media is a simple but extremely helpful feature in this phone notification tray, i.e. if someone sends you a photo or animated photo, you will not need to go into the app and see it, but you can see it by sliding the notification panel. What the friend has sent.

This feature is apparently visible to IOS devices, but it is likely that it will be introduced to Android phones. QR Code Wats app will be used very soon to crawl the names of the QR codes, at the time the QR code is used for the web version of Wats app, but now it can be used for interactive sharing. Will be Advertising is the feature that users do not expect at all, but the company has announced that advertisements will be displayed in the consumer’s estate tab in 2019, but there are no details about how it works.

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