50 yards distance became the survival of life for cricketers

50 yards distance became the survival of life for cricketers

50 yards distance became the survival of life for cricketers

Lahore: 50 yards distance became Bangladesh’s survival for cricketers.

Khalid Mashhad, manager of the Bangladeshi cricket team, told media representatives that no one could expect anything in the world of what happened in the Church of Christ, nor would anyone want to face such situations, 2 cricketer Lutton Das Apart from Naeem Hassan and Spin Bowling coach Sailail Joshi, 17 people from the team and staff were riding on the bus, we were only 50 yards away from the mosque, only three minutes ago came to the mosque, it was easy to survive, we were happy. Fate remains a little bit away.

He said that we sat in the bus and saw a movie scene, bleeding in the blood, coming out of the mosque, fighting the prayer, we all sat down in the bus for 8 to 10 minutes so that no tablet After all, all together together decided that the shooter could target us, it is better to run away from here, Higley arrives from the park while we reach the ground later on the hotel.
He said that it was a tricky experience to see these moments as a human being in their place, just some players were crying.

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There was no security official with Bangladesh team while going to the mosque

There was no security official with the Bangladeshi team while going to the mosque, Managing Director of the Cricket Board revealed, he said that security officials were working with the training officer, coach and other staff in the training ground. There were no security officers with the players who were paying Friday prayers in the mosque. We just need to get information about whether our players had informed about the security of the mosque or not.

Manmohan Singh said that after the incident in New Zealand we have to ensure our safety, we will only visit countries that can provide security to us, security is our primary priority.

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